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Telemedicine 24|7 - Healthcare on Demand

Unlimited, family access to certified doctors who can prescribe!

Have a phone consultation with a Certified Doctor 24/7/365. No more waiting for appointments, regular office hours or having to take off of work to get the medical attention you and your family needs. Medical advice is not meant to replace treatment and consultation with the your primary physician. THIS IS NOT A HEALTH INSURANCE POLICY.

WORKS whether you have or do not have health insurance. If you already have health insurance which covers prescriptions, the savings will still be applied. You pay whichever price is lower. So, if the discount brings the prescription lower than a co-pay, then that's what they can choose. If it does not, you can pay the co-pay amount. The pharmacy can enter the prescription savings information into their system and they can check the savings against what the dug with insurance costs and give you the lower price.

Print, text, email or save your card and bring it with you to your local pharmacy. There is also a medication pricing tool and a pharmacy locator. Use the pricing tool to see how much you can save and see how much your prescription will cost with the Rx Savings Card.

In addition, your membership also includes Family Legal Protection Plan, $25 Gif Card Every Month, Roadside Assistance 24|7, Newsstand (3 magazine subscriptions a year at no additional cost, media center) and Home Buyer/Seller Rebate.

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